Student Affairs: Placement process for research students directed to Student Affairs by Lawson

The placement process outlined below applies to all students seeking to complete research projects at St. Joseph’s who have been directed to the Student Affairs Office by Lawson Health Research Institute. Research students do not receive support from their school like other students to complete the placement process and are responsible for completing the steps in the process themselves with the St. Joseph’s Student Affairs Office.

  1. Student Affairs at St. Joseph's receives placement request from the research student and confirms placement offers. 
  2. The research student completes the Student Information sheet (excel file) which is submitted to Student Affairs eight weeks before the placement is to begin. All columns in the Student Information Form must be completed except for the column about verifying completion of the pre-placement requirements. The Student Information Form is submitted again to Student Affairs with that column completed in the final step of the placement process (see Step 5 below).
  3. Once the Student Information Form is received, Information Technology Services at St. Joseph's generates computer password and login information for the research student. The computer login and password information is sent to the research student by Student Affairs.
  4. Research students must complete the pre-placement requirements after receiving the computer login information directly from the Student Affairs Office, and at least one week before the placement starts.
  5. The research student sends confirmation to Student Affairs that the pre-placement requirements have been met one week before the placement is scheduled to begin. This confirmation is communicated by sending the Student Information Form (excel) with the “pre-placement requirements met” column checked off. If this confirmation is not received, the placement is on hold and does not proceed as scheduled. Research students submit documentation of completion of the pre-placement requirements directly to the St. Joseph’s Student Affairs Office.
  6. Review frequently asked questions (FAQ)  and make a list of any outstanding questions you still have.
  7. On Day #1 of your research placement, obtain the Security Package relevant to your area of practice (i.e. ID badge, access card, panic alarms, fire keys, etc.).
  8. Enjoy a great placement and know that Student Affairs, as well as Professional Practice Consultants, are available should you have questions or concerns at any stage of your placement.
  9. On the last day of placement, you are required to return all security items to the same Security Services location where you obtained security items. 
  10. Any non-returned security items will be billed to you via your school within 2 weeks of your departure. Please refer to the pre-placement requirements for specific costs.
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