Placement Process: Ethics

Program Structure: The Clinical Ethicist consults across all programs in the hospital and across the continuum of health care (in-patient and out-patient/ambulatory care). St. Joseph’s serves patients (adolescent to elderly) with complex and chronic diseases, chronic mental illness, rehabilitation and recovery needs, and veterans and residents in our long-term care programs.  We are proud to offer a range of rich learning opportunities to our students, framed within the context of Catholic health care.

Learning opportunities for students exist in participating in consultations, preparing, delivering and evaluating education initiatives, reviewing and providing input to policy initiatives, under the leadership of the Clinical Ethicist. 

Placement Options: range from fulltime ethics focus (e.g. Fellowship) to parttime placements (e.g. health sciences practicum course or an ethics sub-focus within another health care specialty).  

Ethics placements will depend on the availability of the Clinical Ethicist to offer placement opportunities.

Length of Placement: The duration and scheduling of the placement is determined by the curriculum requirements of the student’s academic institution (or by the funding body e.g. Fellowships).  Placements are typically during the academic year but may be negotiated during the summer months, if relevant.

Evaluation Process: The Clinical Ethicist provides ongoing education, feedback and evaluation to the student.  A formal evaluation occurs at the end of the placement and follows the process required by the student’s academic institution, or the Fellowship funding body, as relevant. 

Regulatory Body/Professional Association: There is not a regulatory body nor professional association for clinical ethicists.  Consider resources and membership with the Canadian Bioethics Society (CBS).

Process for Placements: Applications for placements are considered on an individual basis by the Clinical Ethicist.  

When a placement is supported, the Clinical Ethicist liaises with the Student Affairs Office regarding the prerequisites.  The placement is confirmed when the prerequisites are complete.  It is the student’s accountability to ensure the prerequisites have been completed prior to the placement start date.

Orientation Process: Orientation begins with an introduction to St. Joseph’s and completion of several online educational modules that help students prepare for placements.  

At the time of placement, the Clinical Ethicist facilitates an orientation to the specific program or department and the site, as relevant.


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