Gynecological Surgery

This service provides minimally invasive surgery for concerns related to women’s gynecologic health. This includes the use of laser, scopes, cameras and ablation equipment.

Procedure minimizes injury in laparoscopic surgery

A St. Joseph’s gynecologist has found a way to minimize major complications during laparoscopic surgery. Dr. George Vilos has been perfecting a technique he refers to as “safe laparoscopic entry”.

Surgical procedures performed through laparoscopy are generally safer than those performed through the open abdominal surgery (laparotomy) method, but complications do still occur. During laparoscopy, more than 50 per cent of complications occur at the time of surgical entry into the abdomen.

During surgery, CO2 (carbon dioxide) is routinely used to inflate the abdomen so surgeons can access organs. With this new method, the amount of CO2 is basically doubled, with no adverse effects to the patient.

Dr. George Vilos

Last updated: Tue, 2012-08-28 12:20