Surgical Firsts at St. Joseph's

1963 - St. Joseph’s performs the first cadaver kidney transplant in Ontario

1993 - St. Joseph’s is first to use a holmium laser for fragmentation of renal calculi, now used world-wide as standard of care in hundreds of centres

1999 - St. Joseph's surgeons are the first to use a Modular Metallic Radial Head Replacement for the elbow, an innovation designed at the Roth | McFarlane Hand and Upper Limb Centre 

2000 - St. Joseph’s Urology Centre becomes first in the world to implant an antibiotic coated penile implant, called Inhibizone

2002 - St. Joseph's is first to perform a computer navigated total knee arthroplasty in Canada

2004 - St. Joseph’s Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) redefines treatment of glaucoma

2005 - St. Joseph’s surgeons first to perform a robot-assisted partial cystectomy using the daVinci robot

2005 - St. Joseph’s is first in Canada to use robotic surgery as part of treating advanced endometriosis affecting the urinary bladder

2005 - St. Joseph’s Urologists first to use a four-armed da Vinci Surgical System to reduce the size of a man’s bladder and remove bladder stones

2007 - Surgeons perform Canada’s first robotic assisted radical hysterectomy with St. Joseph's da Vinci Surgical System. The landmark procedure marks the debut of a surgical robot in gynecologic cancer surgery in Canada

2007 - St. Joseph’s is first to perform pediatric robotic kidney reconstruction on a 16-year old boy

2011 - St. Joseph’s participates in first cross-continental surgery broadcast to China in real time using new technology from InTouch Health

Surgery at St. Joseph's Hospital

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