Veterans Care: Dementia Care Program

Location of units:
Our inpatient Veterans care units are all in the Western Counties Wing.

Description of population served:
We provide care that promotes health and well-being and meets the social and spiritual needs of veterans with moderate to severe dementia.

Philosophy of care:
We provide supportive and individualized care that focuses on strengths and abilities. Our goal is to maintain Veterans’ physical and social well-being throughout their lifespan regardless of changes in their capacity for independence. We work with families so they are aware of, and can adjust to, the changes that happen over time with dementia.

Services offered:
This program provides supported on-unit and off-unit recreational and social activities for Veterans living with dementia. In addition, the secure, code-accessed unit provides a safe environment in which veterans can maintain a comfortable level of independent mobility and casual interaction with others.

Veterans Care Dementia Care Program: client playing music

Last updated: Thu, 2018-01-04 12:37