Operational Stress Injury Clinic: Information for family members

Involving family members throughout a client’s journey is important to the recovery from an operational stress injury. With permission from the client, family members are included as partners in treatment and are often the main support to their loved one. 

Family members are also provided with screening, assessment and treatment if they have received a referral for services from Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC). Contact your VAC Case Manager for more information.  

Education: Family members receive information about OSIs and signs and symptoms of PTSD to better understand and develop coping strategies. 

Individual therapy for family members: Family members may be provided with individual therapy focused on a variety of concerns including depression, anxiety, addictions, relationship stress, anger and parenting. 

Couples therapy: Couples therapy explores the roots of conflict, identifies relationship patterns and builds on existing strengths within the relationship. 

Children: Children and adolescents are provided with education about OSIs and the impacts they have on family life. 

Referrals to a clinician in your home community may also be an option depending on your treatment needs. 

Watch a video of a family member of an OSI Clinic client as she shares her story (YouTube).

Last updated: Mon, 2017-10-30 11:59