Adult Wheelchair and Seating Program

Directions and Contact

At Parkwood lnstitute's Adult Wheelchair and Seating Program we assess and prescribe wheelchair and related seating equipment for adults in Southwestern Ontario with complex seating needs.

We emphasize a team approach to address your wheelchair and seating issues. Your team may be made up of occupational therapists or physiotherapists with advanced experience in wheelchair and seating assessment and prescription, and the vendor of your choice. If needed, the skills of a seating technician can also be accessed through some vendors.

Our therapists are registered authorizers with the Assistive Devices Program (ADP).

We do not accept referrals for scooter or walker assessments.

caregivers doing assessment of patient in adult wheelchair and seating program

Our Vision

In Southwestern Ontario the Seating Program supports adults with complex wheelchair and seating needs, and programs supporting those with these needs, to make a lasting difference in their quest to live fully.

Our Mission

The Seating Program enhances and sustains quality of life, independence and function for adults with complex wheelchair and seating needs by providing a leadership role and expertise in wheelchair and seating. Seating Program team members work with people to minimize the effects of injury, disease and disability related to their complex wheelchair and seating needs. This is achieved by pursuing excellence in care, research and education in a wide range of hospital, long term care and community based settings

Our Values

Respect. Excellence. Compassion.


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