Dr. Sarah Jarmain

Dr. Sarah JarmainDr. Sarah Jarmain, Chair, Medical Advisory Committee and Director, Quality of Medical Care

Dr. Sarah Jarmain is the Chair of the Medical Advisory Committee and the Director of Quality of Medical Care at St. Joseph’s Health Care London (St. Joseph’s). She also serves as the Medical Informatics Lead for Clinical Documentation Planning at St. Joseph’s. In addition, Dr. Jarmain is the Interim Co-Chief of Psychiatry at London Health Sciences Centre (January 1to December 31, 2018) and an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, Western University.

She also currently serves as the Treasurer for the Coalition of Ontario Psychiatrists; and is a Past President of the Ontario Psychiatric Association.

Dr. Jarmain has worked as a physician administrator since 2001 and has developed models for physician human resources planning, workload measurement, and physician engagement and leadership. She has been actively involved in health system transformation including participating in the design and development of the mental health facilities in St. Thomas and London, the promotion of collaborative care models, and in service planning with a focus on rehabilitation and recovery.

She is a strong advocate for the development of a resilient work culture, continuous quality improvement and patient safety, and the effective integration of technology into clinical care. Dr. Jarmain has also been actively involved in curriculum development and has a keen interest in helping health care professionals and trainees gain the leadership and administrative skills to be able to effectively function in today’s health care environment. 

Dr. Jarmain lives on the north shore of Lake Erie and has been exploring the challenges of viniculture in Southwestern Ontario.

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