History: Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care

1869 — Mount Hope was established

The Sisters of St. Joseph came to London in 1868 and were commissioned by the Bishop and Roman Catholic Diocese of London to visit the sick and poor, teach in separate schools and open an orphanage, to be called Mount Hope.


Since its foundation in 1869, Mount Hope was much more than an orphanage. It was a "refuge and comfortable home for the sick, the infirm, the destitute and the forsaken," including both children and homeless elderly people.

Mount Hope Historical Photo

1900 — Mount Hope became The House of Providence

By the 1890's the facility was overcrowded with orphans and the elderly, many of whom were chronically ill and needed nursing care. The orphans were moved to Mount St. Joseph. Mount Hope became known as The House of Providence, a charitable institution and home for the aged.

1948 — The Sisters decided to build a chronic care hospital

The Sisters and physicians recognized many of the residents needed "chronic" or "long-term" care. They also realized that active treatment hospitals housed a large number of chronically-ill patients.

1951 — St. Mary's Hospital officially opened

St. Mary's Hospital received 35 patients who were transferred from The House of Providence. The Sisters of St. Joseph were congratulated for recognizing the needs of the chronically ill and continuing to devote their lives to patients, in charity and in humility.

1966 — Marian Villa officially opened

A new building, containing 214 beds for those who were unable to live independently, was built adjacent to the House of Providence. It serves as a residential home for the aged with extended health care.

1980 — House of Providence building was demolished

The old building was replaced by a connection joining Marian Villa to St. Mary's, including a new chapel, kitchen and laundry.

1983-1985 — Amalgamation - St. Joseph's Health Centre formed

Marian Villa and St. Mary's joined forces under one board and administration. The two institutions then amalgamated with St. Joseph's Hospital to form St. Joseph's Health Centre.

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