Stories From Our Annual Report

Because of St. Joseph's

Wes Vick

...Wes is off to the races.

For people who can’t move their legs, the functional electrical stimulation (FES) bikes at Parkwood Hospital’s Fitness Centre are helping them keep their leg muscles fit and strong.

there's comfort in passing...there's comfort in passing.

The care team at Mount Hope is enhancing ways to make residents comfortable in their final days.


Kevin Arding participates in the Transitional Accessible Aquatic Program for Seniors...Kevin has a different stroke.
St. Joseph’s partners with Chelsey Park to offer a transitional swim program that builds confidence and helps patients get back into motion.


The Canadian arm of the REMOVAL study was launched at St. Joseph's...there is a REMOVAL of risk.
The Canadian arm of the diabetes REMOVAL international trial is aimed at reducing the risk of heart complications in adults with type 1 diabetes.

Local artist Jen Romnes hand paints murals with messages of faith, hope and healing for the new patient drop-in centre at RMHC London. ...patients are active in recovery.
Feeling engaged in an important task can aid in the recovery of mental illness. Knowing the importance of meaningful activity, the patients' and family councils opened a drop-in centre.

St. Joseph's new PET/MRI is installed...researchers have a new PET.
Canada's first PET/MRI scanner, acquired by Lawson Health Research Institute, opens the door to early disease detection and superior patient care.


Opening of the colsposcopy clinicColposcopy Clinic celebrates an exciting future
The amalgamation of all colposcopy services in London means St. Joseph’s is now poised to become a leader, provincially, nationally and internationally, in this important area of women’s health.

Chris Fraser preparing for the Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary RelayGoing the extra mile
Chris Fraser was about to embark on her section of the Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay. It’s not the first challenging situation she has overcome.


Father Michael Prieur blesses the last of the NICU babies during the transfer from St. Joseph's to LHSCHistoric transfer a success
It was an emotional day that began with tears and ended with tears as an era came to a close at St. Joseph’s Hospital with the transfer on June 5 of perinatal care, a historic event 12 years in the making.

The mural at the Neurobehavioural Rehabilitation CentreMural echoes care journey
Martin Lievre was driving to a horse show when he began feeling unwell. Abandoning the horse show he took what was to become the first of many trips to emergency before the cause of his illness was unraveled.

The new patient tracking system at St. Joseph's hospitalPatient Tracking System at St. Joseph’s Hospital
A patient tracking system was developed and launched February 16th at St. Joseph’s Hospital as a way to keep anxious families informed at every step of their loved one’s surgical journey.

Spanish-language diabetes screening daySt. Joseph’s hosts Spanish-language diabetes screening day

Imagine having diabetes but not being able to understand all you need to know to manage your condition.

Kathy HaleThere’s no place like home
St. Joseph’s transition team helps support those with mental illness at home and in the community.

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