Volunteer Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the minimum commitment I have to make to the program?
All adult volunteers are required to make a minimum six-month commitment. All student volunteers are required to make a minimum commitment of 60-75 hours (based on the respective program)

Volunteers at info desk at Parkwood Hospital

2. I need to complete 40 hours of volunteer work in order to graduate. Can I do this?
Yes, depending on the availability of positions, Specific requirements vary by site.

3. Can I volunteer wherever I wish?
Volunteers are placed based on vacancies that are available in their choice of sites, their suitability and interest. The Volunteer Services Department does not offer clinical practice, internships or observership placements.

4. Are criminal record checks required?
Criminal checks are required for specific sites and/or positions.

5. Do I need to wear a uniform?
If a uniform is required, it is provided.

6. Do I get free parking?
Registered volunteers are granted parking privileges at their respective site while on duty.

7. Can I volunteer in different areas?
You can volunteer in as many placement areas as you wish.  The opportunities are endless! If you wish you may also volunteer across our sites.

8. I am medically trained and I wish to use my skills in order to gain further experience. Can I do this as a volunteer?
We do not offer placements that enable you to practice your acquired skills. What this means is, although you have been medically trained as a nurse, doctor, physiotherapist, pharmacist, lab technician etc. you may not practice those skills as a volunteer.

9. I am a "snowbird", or I go away for school, etc. Does this mean I will not be permitted to volunteer?
We are an equal opportunity organization; therefore if you need to take an extended period of leave due to travel, educational commitments, etc., we simply ask that you notify us of your intention to do so we can ensure appropriate coverage in your area.

10. I live closer to the Parkwood Institute location, does it mean I have to come to another site for my interview?
Interviews are conducted at the same site you are applying to volunteer at.

Last updated: Wed, 2015-02-25 15:43