Communicating With You: Fall 2012

St. Joseph's President and CEO Dr. Gillian provides an update on the accomplishments and future goals of St. Joseph's Health Care London

Dr. Gillian Kernaghan introduces St. Joseph's Strategic Plan 2012 | 2015

Fall 2012 video transcript:

Restructuring projects:

Here at St. Joseph’s Hospital, we are continuing our journey of change and transformation. Our two mental health hospitals are continuing in their development on time and on budget. Our big changes that will be happening this fall are occurring at St. Joseph’s Hospital. You will notice on Grosvenor Street that we are taking down some of the older wings of the hospital. The older wings coming down will allow us to continue to develop space that really allow us to have facilities for health care for this century, and we are excited about the possibilities that will give us in the care we provide.

New patient advisory council at St. Joseph's Hospital

On a number of our sites, we have had patient and family councils for a number of years, and they help inform the care and give us input into the changes that we make within our many programs. We have just started a patient advisory council at St. Joseph’s Hospital, our acute care site. We have a number of patients who have graciously given their time to us to help us in our journey of transformation as we strive to serve you better in the community and the region.

Strategic plan 2012-2015

As some of you will know, we launched our strategic plan in June of this year. A strategic plan provides guidance for the next three years as to what the priorities will be at St. Joseph’s Health Care. The strategic plan information is available to you in more detail on the website.

In addition to the strategic plan, each year we set our priorities for patient quality and patient safety. A new priority for us this year is to reduce the number of patient falls as we know that has significant impact in the care and health care needs of the patients we serve.

Preventing infections

It’s that time of year again when we turn our minds to influenza and the prevention of influenza. We will be encouraging both our patients, families, visitors and staff to avail themselves of the influenza vaccine this fall. Is it an important strategy to protect both ourselves as individuals, but also the people we care for as care providers and our loved ones that we interact with. As always, I need to mention hand hygiene. It is an important strategy to prevent infections in the hospital and in the community. If you’re coming to the hospital please make sure that you wash your hands with the hand dispensers when you come in, when you leave and when you touch things within the hospital. Thank you.

I value your feedback

I so welcome the feedback you have been providing to us here at St. Joseph’s Health Care. Many of you have taken the time through the feedback button on the website to tell us about the care we have provided to you. This helps us to know if we are truly earning your confidence in care. I would encourage you to continue to provide feedback, both positive feedback that we pass on to the care teams, and feedback on the care that you may not have been pleased with because it helps us to get better.

Please email your ideas or use our feedback form to share your thoughts on our plan and our performance. We will report our progress in the coming months and years. We also recently expanded our engagement with you through Twitter and Facebook. We look forward to connecting with you.

Thank you for your time.

As always, we are committed to the very best in health care and serving with respect, excellence and compassion.

We are committed to the very best health care.
Because we want to earn complete confidence in the care we provide,
and make a lasting difference in the quest to live fully.


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