Communicating With You: Spring 2012

Video message from Dr. Gillian Kernaghan

Video highlights: 

Refreshing our strategic plan
This Spring, watch for the unveiling of our updated plan that will set our priorities for the next three years. The strategic plan guides us in supporting our mission and vision and outlines our goals as a health care organization:

  • Quality and patient safety
  • Improving the journey of care for our patients
  • Strenghthening the culture for our staff
  • Advancing our leading role in research and education as an academic hospital

The feedback I receive through this website has helped shape this plan. Your thoughts and suggestions regarding how we can live our vision and earn complete confidence in the care we provide have been excellent. I value your opinions, thank you for your feedback, and encourage you to keep sharing your care experiences with me.

We are proud of two landmark developments in research at St. Joseph's:

Transformation - Restructuring Update
Exciting work continues to renew patient care across St. Joseph's:

  • In the coming months, you will see some exciting changes across St. Joseph’s. On Grosvenor Street, work is underway at both St. Joseph’s Hospital and Mount Centre for Long Term Care that will change the exterior look of the buildings. Watch as these facilities get a new, fresh face.
  • We are making excellent progress on our two new mental health care buildings now under construction  at Parkwood Hospital and Regional Mental Health Care St. Thomas. These specially-designed buildings will play a critical role in the transformation of mental health care to a model focused on recovery and rehabilitation.

Quality and Patient Safety
Hand hygeine is the most powerful way we can stop infection! When you come to the hospital, please make sure to wash your hands.

We are focused on prevention as we have encouraged our staff strongly to get the flu shot.

I value your feedback
As always, I welcome your feedback and ideas about the way St. Joseph's serves you. Please email your ideas or use our feedback form. We take your comments and feedback very seriously.

We are committed to the very best health care.
Because we want to earn complete confidence in the care we provide,
and make a lasting difference in the quest to live fully.


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