Communicating With You: Winter 2011-2012

Video message from Dr. Gillian Kernaghan

Video highlights:

Refreshing our strategic plan
In the New Year, we will embark on the task of refreshing St. Joseph’s strategic plan and setting priorities for the next three years. The strategic plan guides us in supporting our mission and vision and outlines our goals within four strategic directions:

  • Organizational transformation
  • Performance excellence
  • Mission and leadership
  • Advancing research, teaching and innovation

The feedback I receive through this website will help shape this plan. Your thoughts and suggestions regarding how we can live our vision and earn complete confidence in the care we provide have been excellent. I value your opinions, thank you for your feedback, and encourage you to keep sharing your care experiences with me.

Urgent Care Centre
We continue to work diligently to find solutions to the physician shortage in our Urgent Care Centre so that we can sustain a reliable and consistent service. We have made good progress but there is still much to do. We remain committed to urgent care as an essential component of health care in London.

Stop Influenza
With flu season now upon us, infection control– always a priority at St. Joseph’s – is front and centre at all our sites. Influenza immunization and hand hygiene is an important focus. It is the calling of all our care providers to protect those we serve.

I encourage all of you to do your part to prevent the spread of influenza and respiratory illness. Be sure to get the influenza vaccine, if you are able, wash your hands frequently when in our facilities, and speak up if you see others not practicing good hand hygiene at St. Joseph’s.

Transformation - Restructuring Update
In the coming months, you will see some exciting changes across St. Joseph’s. On Grosvenor Street, work is underway at both St. Joseph’s Hospital and Mount Centre for Long Term Care that will change the exterior look of the buildings. Watch as these facilities get a new, fresh face.

And at Parkwood Hospital and Regional Mental Health Care St. Thomas, we are making excellent progress on our two new mental health care buildings now under construction. These specially-designed buildings will play a critical role in the transformation of mental health care to a model focused on recovery and rehabilitation.

I value your feedback
As always, I welcome your feedback and ideas about the way St. Joseph's serves you. Please email your ideas or use our feedback form.

We are committed to the very best health care.
Because we want to earn complete confidence in the care we provide,
and make a lasting difference in the quest to live fully.


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