Communicating With You: Winter 2013

St. Joseph's President and CEO Dr. Gillian provides an update on the accomplishments and future goals of St. Joseph's Health Care London

Dr. Gillian Kernaghan introduces St. Joseph's Strategic Plan 2012 | 2015

Winter 2013 video transcript:

As we embark on a new year, there are exciting changes occuring at St. Joseph's as we continue to live our vision of earning complete confidence in the care we provide, and make a lasting difference in the quest to live fully.

Transformation and construction projects:

The transformation continues throughout St. Joseph's Health Care. We continue with our building - on time and on budget - of our new mental health facilities... one in central Elgin and one in London. We also, as you may have noticed as you've driven by Richmond and Grosvenor, have started our demolition at our acute care hospital: St. Joseph's Hospital. We are continuing the transformation of care here to focus on both our ambulatory surgery as well as caring for people living with chronic diseases. We have finished our renovations and brought new programs into St. Joseph's Health Care to provide care for people living with chronic diseases - such as Cardiac Rehabilitation, Chronic Lung Disease and Diabetes. 

Healthcare funding transformation and budget update:

Work continues throughout our organization, in partnership with others in the community, to find creative ways to provide care for people in our city and in our region. As many of you know, hospitals are undergoing a healthcare transformation in the funding... the way that money is provided to us to provide care. This will create budget challenges for us for next year and we are working diligently to minimize the impact of those budget challenges on the programs that we provide and the services that we give to our community and to our region. 

Commitment to quality and patient safety:

We continue to stress the importance of quality and patient safety, and we have seen improvement in our wait times for our breast assessment program and breast surgery. We have also seen improvement this year (so far) in the number of our staff who accept immunization for influenza. We continue to stress the importance of hand hygiene, infection rates, and we have a new priority within the organization to try and minimize the impact of falls on our patient population. To enhance our accountability to you in the community, we have posted our results in the quality and safety metrics on the Internet, and you can access them in the "Our Performance" section of the website.


I value your feedback

As we look forward to the exciting changes in 2013, I continue to welcome your feedback. We take your feedback very seriously as we transform the care that we provide. Should you have any questions or comments, please use the feedback button on the website to provide feedback to us, or if you have questions use the "askgillian" button on the website.

Thank you.

As always, we are committed to the very best in health care and serving with respect, excellence and compassion.

We are committed to the very best health care.
Because we want to earn complete confidence in the care we provide,
and make a lasting difference in the quest to live fully.


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