Archived News Releases (before October 29, 2010)

Oct. 25, 2010

October 29, 2010
Media Release "St. Joseph’s honours Cliff Nordal with naming of cyclotron facility"

October 18, 2010
Media Release "St. Joseph’s celebrates a legacy of life and love — remarkable birth stories from the public and staff is now live, and growing"

September 22, 2010
Media Release "Breast care in London undergoes overhaul - A consolidation of breast screening, diagnostic assessment and surgery services will reduce wait times, improve care and smooth the journey for women facing breast cancer"

September 17, 2010
Media Release "Taking a bite out of stigma and the 'Big Apple' - Mental health consumer's near-destroyed play informs the world at international conference in New York"

September 9, 2010
Media Release "Musicians bring rock concert to Parkwood patients"

August 30, 2010
Media Release "Request for proposals stage closed for St. Joseph's Regional Mental Health Care Project"

August 26, 2010 - St. Joseph's President and CEO announcement
     Media Release "Leading London health care leader and physician, Dr. Gillian Kernaghan to head St. Joseph's"
          • Backgrounder - Dr. Gillian Kernaghan
          • Backgrounder - CEO Compensation
          • Backgrounder - Evolution in the Integration of Hospital Leadership

August 26, 2010
Media Advisory "LHSC and St. Joseph's announce new hospital CEOs today"

August 16, 2010
Media Release "St. Joseph's reduces MRI wait times by nearly 50 per cent"

July 28, 2010
Media Statement

July 19, 2010
Media Release "Bringing 400 smiles: Florists making 400 flower arrangements for Parkwood patients"

June 28, 2010
Media Release "Keeping feet healthy avoids amputations"

June 18, 2010
Demutualization of Mutual Life Assurance Co. - Important Information
update on demutualization: August 19, 2010

June 17, 2010
Media Release "St. Joseph's celebrates major renewal"

June 17, 2010
Media Release "St. Joseph's Health Care, London honours police officers"

June 9, 2010
Media Release "Talented veterans sell handicrafts"

May 28, 2010
Media Release "Bet your mama never exercised like this — REXPO promotes healthy living through recreation and leisure"

May 27, 2010
Media Release "The great fall — June is brain injury awareness month"

May 26, 2010
Media Release "First baby graduates from breastfeeding study"

May 4, 2010
Media Release "Elder safety - Geriatric medicine refresher day"

April 23, 2010
Media Release "New Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism at St. Joseph's Hospital tackles the fight against diabetes"

April 20, 2010
Media Release "Turning point for veterans care"

April 16, 2010
Media Release "Remembering 1945"

April 6, 2010
Media Release "New Centre for Urological Care honours donor commitment at St. Joseph’s Hospital"

March 3, 2010
Media Release "New Ivey Eye Institute officially opens at St. Joseph's Hospital"

February 11, 2010
Media Release "London hospitals begin to implement savings strategies to meet budget targets for F2010/11"

February 4, 2010
Media Release "LHSC and St. Joseph’s Health Care London announce plans for separate CEO positions"

January 21, 2010
Media Release "Short-listed teams invited to submit bids on St. Joseph's Regional Mental Health Care project"

January 19, 2010
Media Release "Cliff Nordal announces retirement plans"

December 16, 2009
Media Release "Hand hygiene compliance rates rise at LHSC and St. Joseph's"

December 15, 2009
Media Release "Parkwood Hospital Auxiliary recognized by City"

December 9, 2009
Media Release "St. Joseph's Regional Mental Health Care Project Attracts Industry Interest"

September 29, 2009
Media Release "Joint Statement from London’s Hospitals’ Board Chairs"

July 22, 2009
Media Release "Driver program helps grounded pilot regain independence"

June 22, 2009
Media Release "Community stroke rehab team making house calls"

June 18, 2009
Media Release "St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation has “most successful year in its history”

June 18, 2009
Media Release "St. Joseph’s Health Care, London announces three distinguished President’s Awards - Royal Canadian Legion named Partner of Distinction

June 1, 2009
Media Release "Designated Smoking Areas launching citywide at all hospitals"

April 17, 2009
Video Clip "Parkwood Hospital residents attend a ceremony put on by the Remember November 11 Association marking the 92nd anniversary of Vimy Ridge."

March 23, 2009
Media Release "Hospital redevelopment next phase underway at St. Joseph’s Health Care, London and London Health Sciences Centre"

November 28, 2008
Media Release "Southwestern Ontario’s first Transitional Care Unit opens at Parkwood Hospital"

November 5, 2008
Media Release "International expert to address conference on complexity of mental illness in geriatric population"

October 2, 2008
Media Release "Exhibit brings art and healing to the forefront"

September 30, 2008
Media Release "PTSD impacts peacekeepers’ emotional well being"

September 26, 2008
Media Release "LHSC and St. Joseph’s release C. difficile rates"

August 27, 2008
Media Release "St. Joseph’s responds to meat products recall"

June 20, 2008
Media Release "LHSC and St. Joseph’s win national award for energy and environmental stewardship"

June 11, 2008
Media Release "Seeing results"

May 13, 2008
Media Release "More freedom for ventilator patients"

May 12, 2008
Media Release "London’s Father Prieur recognized nationally"

May 7, 2008
Media Advisory "Paralympic trials"

April 30, 2008
Media Release "St. Joseph’s reaches balanced two-year accountability agreement with South West LHIN"

April 29, 2008
Media Release "Getting ready for the silver tsunami: Charting the course of geriatric care"

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