Change Foundation announces $9 million investment in four projects ready to start Changing CARE

Feb. 01, 2017

The Change Foundation is investing $9 million over three years into four community partnerships across Ontario poised to make positive impacts on the experience and interaction family caregivers have with Ontario's health care system.

Over the next three years, Changing CARE partnerships in London, Huron and Perth counties, Cornwall and Toronto will develop local supports, programs, and resources to address four key needs identified by caregivers and health care providers: communication, assessment, recognition and education.  

"The role of the family caregiver across the health care sector is a vital, but often unrecognized one," says Cathy Fooks, President and CEO, The Change Foundation. "Though we know 3.3 million people in Ontario provide essential support or care to a family member, friend or neighbour, caregivers are often not respected or considered key members of a patient's care team. Health care providers want to work differently with caregivers, these partnerships will show us how to do that."

Late last summer, The Change Foundation called on health and community care partners across the province to develop Changing CARE proposals, signaling the next phase of their strategic plan Out of the Shadows and Into the Circle. After a long and detailed search, the Foundation identified four key partnerships that showed a true sense of commitment to the inclusion and recognition of family caregivers. Each will receive a maximum of $750,000 per year for the next three years.

The partnerships moving ahead under Changing CARE bring important focus to different facets of the caregiver experience from a multitude of perspectives, including different care settings, demographics, and geographic locations. Each was developed with caregivers in key design and decision-making roles, which will continue throughout the initiative.

The Changing CARE initiatives will be announced with a celebratory event in each community. All events will be open to media to attend.

Changing CARE will consist of:

Improving CARE Together
Announcement Event: January 31, 2017 from 1-2 p.m. at St. Joseph's London's Parkwood Institute

St. Joseph's Health Care London will build on past learning and successes to further strengthen family caregiver partnerships in all its programs and services. This partnership will feature a number of activities and mechanisms designed to make impacts across the organization, including, communication resource toolkits, formal caregiver assessments and new education and support initiatives.

Partner Organization: St. Joseph's Health Care London 
Location: London, ON

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