Donation to new Alzheimer Centre at St. Joseph's marks Alzheimer Awareness Month

Jan. 23, 2012

One of Canada’s first centres for Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive vitality to be located at St. Joseph’s Parkwood Hospital, received a $15,000 funding boost thanks to the Alzheimer Society Elgin-St. Thomas. The donation marks a number of activities planned for the society related to national Alzheimer Awareness Month.

St. Joseph’s new Centre for Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Vitality, will be dedicated to promoting cognitive health, preventing cognitive impairment, slowing progress and treating those with significant cognitive impairment.

It will bring together experts in the fields of behavioral neurology, geriatric medicine and psychiatry, neuropsychology, nutrition, family medicine, social work and many other fields to provide care related to Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive vitality. In addition, basic and clinical research will take place at the centre in order to expand on insights in the cognitive health of people with normal cognition and those at risk.

“St. Joseph’s is uniquely positioned to create this significant regional centre,” says Dr. Michael Borrie, geriatrician. “We already have many of the pieces. By putting them together in this new Centre, we will make a real difference in patient care.”

According to the Alzheimer Society, this year alone more than 103,000 Canadians will develop dementia - the equivalent of one person every five minutes. In 2010, the cost of dementia in Canada was about $22 billion. By 2038, this number will rise to one person every two minutes. The economic impact is alarming.

“We are proud to support the creation of this new Centre,” says Shelley McCorkell, executive director, Alzheimer Society Elgin-St. Thomas. “Currently, too many people with dementia receive a diagnosis late in the course of the disease, if at all, resulting in the substantial "treatment gap." This greatly limits their access to valuable information, treatment, care and support and compounds problems for all involved – persons with the disease, families, careers, communities and the health system overall. The work in this new Centre will help to provide early diagnosis and will ensure that more people receive the care they need.”

“We are extremely grateful to the Alzheimer Society Elgin- St. Thomas for this gift. Their donation has initiated our work in developing this critical new Centre,” says Michelle Campbell, president and CEO, St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation.

A major fundraising initiative is poised to raise the needed support for the new Centre. Donations will support the renovation of a purpose built space at Parkwood Hospital and fund a dedicated care and research team.


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