New sidewalks coming to St. Joseph’s Family Medical and Dental Centre

Oct. 03, 2018

With safety a priority at St. Joseph’s, new pedestrian sidewalks are being installed at St. Joseph’s Family Medical and Dental Centre leading from  the city sidewalk to the main entrance and around to the rear parking area. Construction is expected to begin Oct. 22 and take up to two weeks to complete depending on weather and vehicular traffic volume to the centre.

The new sidewalks will improve accessibility and provide safer pedestrian access to the centre from both the front and rear parking lots.  At the front entrance, a new barrier-free curb will be installed and garden areas will be removed to accommodate a larger concrete pad to better facilitate drop off and pick up.  

The project also includes the removal of existing green space, providing a wider roadway to alleviate vehicle congestion exiting and entering the front parking area.

During construction, the following can be expected: 

  • The main driveway will be reduced to one lane of traffic during construction on the front sidewalk. A point person will assist in directing traffic. 
  • The roadway to the rear parking lot will be reduced to one lane.

The main entrance will be closed for about half a day and patients redirected to the rear staff entrance during preparation and replacement of the front concrete pad. All efforts will be made to keep this closure to a minimum for patients.

There will be heavy vehicles and machinery onsite causing extra dust and noise, which will be unavoidable

Thank you for your patience as we undertake this important project, which will enhance the safety of our patients and visitors, as well as all those working at St. Joseph’s Family Medical and Dental Clinic.

If you have any questions or concerns about this project, please contact Karen Trower, Project Consultant, ext. 64666.

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