Perinatal and NICU services in London move June 4, 2011

May. 19, 2011

On June 4, the delivery of women's and children's care in the city of London will forever change with the transfer of all obstetrical care services, including high-risk antenatal care and the neonatal intensive care unit, from St. Joseph's Health Care, London to London Health Sciences Centre.

At noon on Saturday, June 4, 2011, St. Joseph's Hospital will stop admitting women in labour in preparation for the move to Victoria Hospital. The following day, June 5, will represent a significant milestone for both hospital organizations, as upwards of 40 to 60 patients, including the smallest and most fragile neonatal infants, are transferred from St. Joseph's Hospital to the new purposefully-built facility at Victoria Hospital. Impacted patients and families have been notified of this transfer as have expectant women that currently receive prenatal care at St. Joseph’s.

A physical relocation of this magnitude is a challenging task as there are many details to consider. Move teams consisting of staff and physicians from both organizations, Health Care Relocations, Middlesex-London EMS, Voyageur Patient Transfer Services and Campbell Bros Movers are working together to ensure the safe and seamless transfer of patients, staff and equipment.

The transfer of perinatal and NICU services is part of a larger acute care redevelopment project that has been taking place across the city hospital’s that is commonly referred to as Milestone 2, Phase 2 (M2P2) restructuring. As a significant part of the historic consolidation of women’s and children’s healthcare services, this will be one of the largest and most noteworthy moves taking place within the M2P2 project.

“This is a pivotal moment in the history of St. Joseph’s,” says Dr. Gillian Kernaghan, president and CEO of St. Joseph’s Health Care, London. “In 7 days we will say goodbye to services that have held a special place in the hearts of many as we proudly pass on to LHSC a program that offers a tremendous legacy of world-class excellence, compassion and success; one that has spanned more than 100 years and more than 100,000 births.”

“The transfer is about much more than the receiving of services,” says Bonnie Adamson, president and CEO, London Health Sciences Centre. “It represents years of collaboration and planning that will ultimately bring together the expertise of highly-skilled neonatal and obstetrical teams of nurses, physicians, specialists and support staff in a single purposefully-built facility where more than 6,000 babies will be delivered each year. It is with honour that we will welcome the St. Joseph’s program to the LHSC family and it is with excitement that we look forward to building upon the past and beginning a new legacy of women and children’s care for Londoners today and for future generations to come.”

Please note that there will be several move-day opportunities for the media on June 5th. As well, please watch for more detailed media advisories to be distributed later this week.


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