St. Joseph’s shares stories of the season

Dec. 14, 2017

Ideas abound for media looking for informative or holiday features

As the holidays approach, stories of the season abound at St. Joseph’s Health Care London. Media are invited to: learn how to keep the holidays merry for people with diabetes; why individuals should ring in the New Year with a resolution to volunteer; and how intolerance to the cold may actually be a medical condition. Media are also invited to attend the St .Joseph’s Hospital Christmas candle lighting service.

Keeping the holidays merry for people with diabetes

We have entered the season of much merriment – lots of eating, family gatherings, travelling, lounging and late nights. Fun, yes, but for people with diabetes or pre-diabetes, risky too. For these individuals, the holidays require a bit of juggling and diligence to ensure the good times aren’t derailed.

At the Diabetes Education Centre at St. Joseph’s Hospital, educators have advice on staying on track during the holidays. With awareness, planning and preparation, a positive attitude and some good recipes, the Christmas season for those living with diabetes can be safely navigated.

Ring in the New Year with a resolution to volunteer

Cy Hartland first started volunteering with St. Joseph’s five years ago after being a patient at Parkwood Institute. “I believe it’s important to give back to the hospital after everything they did for me,” he says.

In addition to giving back, Hartland says volunteering at St. Joseph's gives him a "real sense of purpose."

Volunteers provide support to clinical and non-clinical programs and services, and play a key role in enhancing the patient, resident and family experience. There are various volunteer opportunities available across St. Joseph’s sites and through St. Joseph's Health Care Foundation.

Cold weather allergies

Many people complain about the cold during the winter months but for some, the cold is much more than a nuisance. It’s a medical condition. Cold urticaria is an allergy to cold temperatures that causes redness, itching and swelling after exposure. Symptoms and severity of the reaction, which often resembles hives, can vary. Media are invited to learn more about this chilly allergy from specialists in the Allergy and Immunology Program at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Christmas candle lighting service – photo/video opportunity

On Thursday, Dec. 21 at 12 pm in the St. Joseph’s Hospital Chapel, Zone A, Level 2, A2-202, staff, physicians, volunteers, patients and loved ones will gather for a Christmas candle lighting service during which four advent candles are lit by staff members. This service is a much-cherished and touching tradition at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Directions to St. Joseph's Hospital.


For more information, contact:

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