Connie Marshall

Connie MarshallConnie Marshall


Connie administers standardized tests chosen by the psychologist. The evaluation reviews each client’s abilities in the areas of attention, perception, learning, recall, intelligence, problem-solving, organization, and planning.

Neuropsychological tests are designed to identify challenges and intact skills in all of these areas.  “Most patients I see understand that the test results will help them identify problem areas which in turn can determine what type of therapy might help them improve in the area.  I also tell patients that the test results can tell you what you can do well, and in some cases can do very well.”  

In addition to her work as a member of the NeuroTrauma and MOH Rehab team, Connie is also a Psychometrist for the Operational Stress Injury Clinic.

“Many of the patients I see feel they have a lot of cognitive limitations.  I really enjoy seeing their eyes light up when they experience success with one or more of the tests and walk out of the session feeling more confident.”

Also with the Acquired Brain Injury Program, Connie is a trained Cogmed Coach providing coaching support for the Cogmed Working Memory Training Program.

Ms. Connie Marshall: Psychometrist, Acquired Brain Injury Program, Parkwood Institute Main Building.

Education: Honors B.A., The University of Western Ontario, 1984.

Clinical Interests: Assessment of persons with an acquired brain injury and improvements in working memory.

Research Interests: Psychometric assessments.  Impact of brain injury, recovery and return to optimal functioning.

Services Provided/Type of Internship/Practicum Offered: Administer neuropsychological assessments to individuals who sustained a brain injury. Assist psychology residents during their program placement.


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