Dr. Laura Fazakas-DeHoog

Dr. Laura Fazakas-DeHoog: Psychologist,
Forensic Program - Rehabilitation Unit and Outreach Team, Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care.

Education: Ph.D., University of Western Ontario, 2007

Clinical Interests: Psychological profiling, assessment and treatment of trauma and complicated grief, treatment of severe pathology and personality disorders.

Research Interests: The prediction of violent recidivism in the forensic population, the effective treatment of trauma and complicated grief, psychotherapy for psychotic disorders, the prediction of violent and self destructive behavior. I am currently involved in designing and testing an integrative model of suicidal thinking and behavior within a clinical population.

Services Provided/Type of Internship/Practicum Offered: Assessment of Forensic population including: comprehensive psychosocial assessment, assessment of criminal responsibility, assessment of fitness, and/or assessment of risk. Interpersonal supportive psychotherapy, experience with multidisciplinary treatment team, and treatment planning. Experience with Ontario Review Board hearings.

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