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Research INSIGHTS is a peer-reviewed journal designed to publish reviews, case studies and articles as they pique the interests of our clinicians and emerge from relections on daily clinical work.

Research Insights Publications

September 2018 |VOL. 15 No. 1

November 2017 | VOL. 14 NO. 2

November 2016 | VOL. 13 NO. 3

April  2016 | VOL. 13 NO. 1
Brief Reports
Two Pilot Treatment Initiatives

Adventure-Based Counselling: Promoting positive interpersonal behaviour in a forensic psychiatric sample - a pilot study

Taylor Salisbury, MaryEllen Ruddell, Rod Balsom, Peter Hoaken

Introducing Problem-Solving Therapy Training: Changing current practices of care for older adults living with mental health issues

Nicole M. Marlatt, Iris Gutmanis, Lisa Van Bussel

October  2015 | VOL. 12 NO. 3
Brief Reports
Innovative Approaches for Focussed Rehab:

Using mobile technology to promote independence: An innovation in psychiatric rehabilitation - a feasibility study
Deborah Corring, Amanda Meier, Abraham Rudnick, Cheryl Forchuk

Barriers to discharge from: A tool for ensuring realism in discharge planning for a geriatric psychiatry setting
Lisa VanBussel, Shane Reed, Julie Smith, Jack Li, Ed Black, Tom Ross, Sukhi Brar, Nicolette Wright

September 2015 | VOL. 12 NO. 2
16th Annual Research Half Day 
September 25, 2015 Abstracts &
Research report 2014-2015
Mental Health Research Committee

May  2015 | VOL. 12 NO. 1
The Flip-Side To Readmission: Focussed After-Care:

Sucidality in hospitalized early psychosis patients at time of discharge
Amresh Shrivastava, Robbie Campbell, Megan E. Johnston   

Resilence, psychopathology and hospitalization: Findings from the pilot phase of a study of re-hospitalization in a tertiary psychiatric facility

Amresh Shrivastava, Coralee Berlemont, Megan E. Johnston, Robbie Campbell

December 2014 | VOL. 11 No. 2
Academic detailing as a focused, engaging and feasible method of quality improvement among psychiatrists: A pilot Ontario study
Kamini Vasudev, Joel Lamoure, Michael Beyaert, Varinder Dua, Dave Dixon, Jason Eadie, Larissa Husarewych, Ragu Dhir, Jatinder Takhar

May 2014 | VOL. 11 No. 1
15th Annual Research Half Day 
May 14, 2014 Abstracts & Research Report 2013
RMHC Research Committee

September 2013 | VOL. 10 No. 2
14th Annual Research Half Day 
September 19, 2013 Abstracts & Research Report 2012
RMHC Research Committee

March 2013 | VOL. 10 NO. 1
Outcomes, Inherent contradictions and puzzling issues: Consent and Capacity Board (CCB) members’ Experiences with Community Treatment Orders (CTOs)
Deborah Corring, Cathy Plyley, Joe Skufca

December  2012 | VOL. 9 NO. 3
Reforms to Ontario's Mental Health Act: Lessons from the story of the man who killed Brian Smith 
Richard O’Reilly, Robert Solomon, John E. Gray

May  2012 | VOL. 9 NO. 2
Advancing clinical practice in patient safety: Linking Incident Reporting to Proactive Practices in a Geriatric Psychiatry Program
Ed Black, Lisa VanBussel, Tom Ross, Jennifer Speziale

May  2012 | VOL. 9 NO. 1
13th Annual Research Half Day May 16, 2012 Abstracts & Research Report 2011
RMHC Research Committee

May  2011 | VOL. 8 NO. 1
Book of Abstracts 12TH Annual Research Half Day May 11, 2011 & Research Report 2010
RMHC Research Committee

November 2010 | VOL. 7 NO. 2
Perspectives on their Quality of Life Provided by Persons with Serious Mental Illness who are on a Community Treatment Order: A Naturalistic Enquiry Involving ‘Critical Case Sampling’
Deborah J. Corring, Katie Anders, Lindsay Bateman, Stephanie Harshaw, Einav Shlomovitz, Kristine Diaz  & Ian Peer

May  2010 | VOL. 7 NO. 1
Book of Abstracts 11TH Annual Research Half Day May 12, 2010
& Research Report 2009
RMHC Research Committee

December 2009 | VOL. 6 NO. 2

Special Issue

An Exchange of Views: What Constitutes Reasonable Review of Treatment Capacity

  • Capacity Reviews - Clinical and Liberty Outcomes Richard O’Reilly, Robert Solomon & John Gray
  • Capacity, Rights and Interests Stephen A. State
  • Response to “Capacity, Rights and Interests” Richard O’Reilly, Robert Solomon & John Gray

May  2009 | VOL. 6 NO. 1
10TH Annual Research Half Day May 13, 2009 Book of Abstracts & Research Report 2008
RMHC Research Committee

October 2008 | VOL. 5 NO. 3
Special Issue
Client-Centred Practice: An exchange of views

  • Ask, Listen and Learn: What Clients with a Mental Illness Can Teach You about Client-Centred Practice, Deborah J. Corring & J.V. Cook COMMENTARIES
  • Rehabilitation in the 21st Century - Partnership not Prescription Marianne Farkas
  • Are Asking, Listening and Learning Really Enough? Dwight Mazmanian
  • Must We Live in Two Different Worlds? Ross Norman

May  2008 | VOL. 5 NO. 2

9TH Annual Research Half Day May 14, 2008
Book of Abstracts & Research Report 2007
RMHC Research Committee

January 2008 | VOL. 5 NO. 1
Participant Learning at Psychiatry CME Sessions: A Follow-up Evaluation at the University of Western Ontario
Laeeq Tahir, Nicole Tsang, Marnin Jori Heisel & Jatinder Takhar

September  2007 | VOL. 4 NO. 5
A Financial Assessment & Capactiy Test (FACT) for a Psychogeriatric Population: Development and Concurrent Validity
Edward I. Black, Tom J. Ross, Tobi Flanagan, Kiran Rabheru & Hans J. Breiter

September  2007 | VOL. 4 NO. 4
Diversion for People with Concurrent Disorders
Kathleen Hartford & the Investigative Team of the Diversion-Concurrent Disorders Project

July  2007 | VOL. 4 NO. 3
Consequences of the Misdiagnosis of Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder
Hyacinth John & Verinder Sharma

JUNE  2007 | VOL. 4 NO. 2
8TH Annual Research Half Day June 15, 2007 Book of Abstracts & Research Report 2006
RMHC Research Committee

Januaray 2007 | VOL. 4 NO. 1
Canadian Approaches to Mandatory Community Treatment: Least restrictive alternatives?
John E. Gray and Richard L. O’Reilly


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