Falls Prevention Strategy

In the spring of 2009, St Joseph’s Health Centre London brought together a corporate team to set minimum standards for all of its programs in terms of falls prevention, assessment, monitoring and evaluation. The team:

  • puts emphasis on education and training of staff and patients about fall risk and falls prevention corporately and within clinical programs in relation to key risk populations, falls prevention strategies and minimization of injury from falls
  • established a falls prevention strategy inventory for staff
  • makes improvements to the environment and processes of care to reduce the risk of falls
  • communicates with patients and family members regarding their role in the prevention of falls, measurement of falls, and near misses
  • document all falls and near miss falls in the Patient Safety Reporting System (PSRS)
  • communicate results and recommend improvements

Preventing Falls

Safety is everyone’s responsibility

At St Joseph's Health Care London we believe Safety is Everyone's Responsibility.

We don’t want anyone to get hurt. In Canada over 42,000 workers are injured annually due to fall accidents (2011). The majority of falls resulting from “slips and trips”.

falls preventionCommon causes of slips, trips, and losing balance are: obstructed view, cluttered floors, bottom drawers open and uncovered cables.

We have a program that enables our nursing staff to identify potential trip/falls hazards from cords and manage them at the bedside.

Our goal is to prevent trips or falls caused from the hazard of unmanaged monitoring of electrical cords and items at the bedside.

If you are bringing in any personal electrical devices for use that are supported by a cord, please notify your nurse regarding these items. This will allow staff to assess for the safe use of these products (CSA approved) and help identify potential slip/trip or fall hazards to reduce/prevent possible injuries to our residents, patients, staff and visitors.

How you can help? If you see items on the floor where someone could trip over them, please notify your nurse or our housekeeping team so we can ensure everyone can be safe.

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