Spiritual Care: Sites and Programs

Learn more about the Spiritual Care Programs at St. Joseph's London:

St. Joseph's Hospital

A team of  chaplains co-ordinate spiritual care at St. Joseph's Hospital and Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care. All chaplains are clinically trained in institutional ministry through CAPPE and function as active members of the interdisciplinary teams on the units they serve. Coming from diverse denominational backgrounds, the Spiritual Care team is committed to accompanying patients, residents, families and staff of all faith traditions and spiritualities as they make their health care journey . A special focus is to be present with patients and residents as they grapple with life changing events. With that in mind, the chaplains support various members of the health care team, helping them to address the spiritual needs of those being served. A chaplain is available by pager 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition, a team of Roman Catholic Eucharistic Ministers visits patients of the Catholic faith tradition daily to offer communion and prayer to those who wish it.


Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care

The chaplain supports residents, family and staff through difficult times, including admission, crisis, loss or impending loss, ethical decisions, religious rites, and services.  Spirituality groups, church services, hymn sings and one to sessions with residents are also provided.

Parkwood Institute

Main Building

Throughout the Main Building at Parkwood Institute, a team of chaplains coordinate the work of Spiritual Care to support those in Complex Care, Palliative Care, Rehabilitation, Geriatrics and Veterans' Care programs.

Within St. Joseph's Health Care, London, as Spiritual Care professionals, we respect your integrity, values and beliefs. We journey with you in your quest for meaning and wholeness. Together we discover what is sacred in your life. We do this by fostering relationships, building community and sharing in meaningful rituals. All that we do is grounded in St. Joseph's Health Care's values of respect, excellence and compassion along with the five success factors of the organization.

Mental Health Care Building

Spirituality and Hope Groups:

  • Specialized Adult Units
  • Moods Unit
  • Geriatric Units- Reminiscence Group

Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care

At Southwest Centre, spiritual care is provided for the following programs:

  • Five Forensic Inpatient Units (assessment, treatment and rehabilitation)
  • Services for our outpatient population
  • Elgin PACT team - responding to referrals for psychiatric patients within our community, at local outreach offices
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