Care of the Human Spirit: Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism

St. Joseph’ Health Care, London’s mission emphasizes caring for the wholeness of each person—body, mind and spirit.

What does it mean when we talk about Care for the Human Spirit?

Care for the human spirit is all about supporting that innermost part of you, your spirit, that inner core of who you are within this life, within your relationships through all of life’s stages from health through injury, disease, disability, healing, suffering and death.

Why it is important to have support for your spirit?

The two most significant aspects of coping well with any life crisis are having the information and the supports in place to nurture you through.

We find support in our lives from those with whom we are in relationships. Our family members, spouses, partners, siblings, children and close friends nurture and care for our spirit every day through their love, presence, support and understanding. For many, the relationship they have with God or a higher power, and/or a faith community is equally important and a major source of support, hope and strength in their life.

Emotional and spiritual support helps us when our independence, lifestyle, and future appear threatened— especially by illness or injury. Loss has an impact on our lives. It affects our ability to work, socialize and find peace. It affects our quality of life.

When diagnosed with an illness, we enter into a process of searching. We ask many questions to help us understand. We search to make sense of what may or will happen to us and we question why and how. We question all that we believe ourselves to be in this life. We search to understand the meaning and purpose of what this is all about. Becoming ill is a crisis, a loss. To need investigation, experience diagnosis, require treatment, surgery and care for our illness is the beginning of a process that involves uncertainty, change, adjustment, challenges and healing time.

Because of an illness, we may experience many emotions such as disappointment, loss, grief, uncertainty, or fear. Facing investigation, treatment or surgery can be a stressful time. This is when support of our spirit can help.

Our spirituality is deeply connected to any religious values and beliefs we may or may not have, and we may question these now.

How can spiritual care help?

Presence, Listening, Counsel, Process, Liaison, Prayer, Ritual

We will...

  • be present to you and your family, when you need to talk
  • listen to you and provide counsel for any issues you wish to discuss
  • help you to:
       - gain an understanding of the impact your illness has on you
       - process and deal with the feelings you have
       - explore resources, choices, and strengths
  • be a positive energy empowering you through your illness, surgery and recovery
  • be available to provide a prayer or ritual, if you wish.
  • assist and connect you with emotional and spiritual support resources in your community

When you come to the Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolism Center for your appointment, for consultation, for an investigative procedure, or prior to surgery, support and care for your spirit is available.

How can you contact us?

Please download and complete the self assessment referral form if you feel you would like support from Spiritual Care when you come for your appointment. Leave the form with a Clinic staff member when you come for your appointment. Someone from Spiritual Care will contact you when it is received. or will meet you there.

For more information and immediate access:
Phone: 519 646-6100
or pager 519 646-6100 ext. 10389 (24 hour coverage)

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