St. Joseph's Hospital: Visitor Hours and Policy

St. Joseph's Health Care acknowledges the central role that families, support persons and visitors play in the health and well-being of patients. Your participation in care is welcomed and encouraged.

Policies related to the presence of families, support persons and visitors are focused on achieving a balance between the support provided by the presence of family and support persons, the need for communication between the care team and patient's family/support persons and the safety and well being of other patients and staff.

General Policies:

  • Persons who are feeling unwell (fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, skin rash, vomiting or diarrhea within the last 48 hours) are discouraged from visiting.
  • Patients who are critically ill, receiving end of life care or parents who have experienced loss related to pregnancy or childbirth may have unlimited visitors during their hospital stay.
  • Children are welcome as visitors when a responsible adult accompanies them.

Urgent Care:

  • One visitor at a time may accompany the patient in the treatment area.
  • Two visitors at a time may accompany a child 16 years and under in the treatment area.
  • Visitors will be asked not to accompany patients who are in the respiratory isolation treatment area.

Medical/Surgical Care:


  • Day Surgery patients may have two people accompany but only one may be at the bedside at any time. Two visitors at any time may accompany a child under 16.
  • Outpatient clinics may have two persons accompany the patient.


  • General visiting hours for those patients who are staying within the hospital are 12 to 2 pm and 4 to 8 pm Monday to Friday, 12 to 8 pm Weekends and Holidays, two visitors at a time; others should wait in the general hospital waiting areas.
  • Outside regular visiting hours, one support person may be allowed to be present with their family member who is a patient, at the discretion of staff.
  • All visitors for patients staying at St. Joseph's Hospital on the weekend (Saturday evening to Monday morning at 7 a.m.) are required to report to our admitting department in zone C, level 1, C1-300 prior to each visit.

Patients and visitors are encouraged to access the building through Cheapside Entrance 4 (Mon-Fri 5:30 am - 8 pm, Weekends 6 am - 4 pm) or Grosvenor Entrance 2 (Urgent Care Centre) (Mon-Fri 5:30 am - 6 pm, Weekends and holidays 7:30 am - 4 pm). To access the building after hours please go to Grosvenor Entrance 2 and use the buzzer to contact security.

Last updated: Thu, 2014-05-01 15:33