Acquired Brain Injury Survivor and Family Education Series

Spring 2019 Schedule

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The survivor and family education series is a forum open to individuals with acquired brain injury, their family, and friends.

Sessions are Tuesday evenings 6:30-8:00 pm. In London, the sessions are held in the Parkwood Institute Main Building Auditorium (Room B2-109). People may also login and watch on their computers or tablets by selecting the link below. You can attend any or all of the sessions. No registration is required for attending the sessions in person or online.
Past webinars

Past webinars

Brain Injury 101 Part 1, the basics - presented by Kelly Williston, Occupational Therapist

This session provides an overview of the structure and function of the brain, what can happen to it when it is injured and some of the common symptoms experienced after a brain injury. During the two weeks some concrete, practical strategies to help manage issues such as light and noise sensitivity, headache, dizziness, fatigue, balance problems, sleep dysfunction and cognitive changes will be shared.

April 2: Social Communication - presented by Penny Welsh-West, Speech Language Pathologist and Connie Ferri, Speech Language Pathologist

This session will discuss social communication changes after acquired brain injury including, how to start talking, how to stop talking, and everything in between. Find your inner communicator!

April 9: Mental Health and Brain Injury - presented by Dr. Rebecca King

This presentation reviews the common causes of traumatic brain injury and the various psychiatric issues that may arise following brain injury.  Their clinical presentation and respective treatments will be outlined with an emphasis on a multi-disciplinary approach.

April 16: Dealing with Headaches and Pain Following ABI - presented by Dr. Keith Sequeira

Pain is often a common issue for people post brain injury and may be experienced as headaches, pressure in your head, neck pain and in other areas of the body.  Dr. Sequeira, a specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Parkwood Institute,  will discuss these issues and possible treatment options.

April 23: Life After Brain Injury - Reintroducing Leisure into your Lifestyle - presented by April Zehr, Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Lynne Cooper, Care Coordinator, Southwest LHIN, Kim Ott, Survivor and Phyllis Spencer, Survivor.

Leisure activities are an important aspect of rehabilitation, recovery and life for survivors of an acquired brain injury.  In this session you will hear about the benefits of leisure activities from different perspectives, including those of two survivors who have used art and travel as part of their rehabilitation and recovery.

April 30: Survivor & Caregiver Stories

In this session you will have the opportunity to hear the story of a survivor and the story of a caregiver as they journey through the recovery from brain injury.