Fundraising Priorities

You have the power to improve and save the lives of people we serve. Every year at St. Joseph's there are more than 900,000 outpatient/outreach visits, 46,000 Urgent Care Centre visits and 23,706 performed surgeries.

With the support of a giving community, St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation invests in health care innovation and discovery at St. Joseph’s Health Care London that would otherwise not be possible. You can help us fund medical research and purchase vital patient care equipment that leads to better patient care outcomes.

You can help St. Joseph's tackle the greatest health challenges of our time. Your support will fuel the type of change that our publicly funded system cannot support alone.

Support the Highest Priority Needs
Your donation means that funding will be available where it’s needed, when it’s needed most.
hands holding test tubes

Combating the Pandemic Together

You can help St. Joseph's response As the number of new cases continue to rise worldwide, the fight against the coronavirus here in London and across Canada is urgent. Medical researchers at St. Joseph’s are moving forward with clinical trials that could potentially prevent and treat this life...
group of people gathering around a computer screen

Innovating Ways to Solve Youth Mental Illness

Young people are more likely to experience mental illness or addiction than any other population group. But only 20% of youth actually get the treatment they need - and most only receive care once they reach a crisis point. We need your support to help develop new approaches to youth mental health...
Scientists using technology

Turning Ideas into Inventions

Ideas for the next breakthrough in medical imaging are just waiting to be tested. But without the tools to build and explore, they remain ideas. With your donations we will upgrade our Prototyping Laboratory so that researchers can construct new devices that will enhance patient care with greater...
scientist standing beside confocal microscope

Finding Disease Where it Hides

You can help our researchers view disease in 3D with a state-of-the-art confocal microscope to have a fighting chance against diseases like diabetes, cancer and dementia.
The Possibilities Project

The Possibilities Project

As people finish their stay at Parkwood Institute following a serious injury or illness they often require medical equipment and assistive devices that will enable them to successfully return to live in the community. But even the most basic needs are expensive and unattainable by so many patients...
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Highest Priority Needs

Your gift will change a life. When you give to highest priority needs you are making a difference by allowing us to continue to pursue life-changing advances in research, care, and education.