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Through a comprehensive group of programs and inpatient and outpatient care and support, care providers in Rehabilitation Services help people learn to live with and manage their illness or injury to retain their independence. This includes areas such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, traumatic injury such as spinal cord or loss of limbs. It also includes the Transitional and Lifelong Care Program.

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Equipment and technology

Medical equipment and technology are important components to providing care. They are essential in: 

  • diagnosing and treating disease;
  • guiding surgeons through complex procedures;
  • supporting patients in their recovery from illness or injury. 

In Rehabilitation Services, there is a wide-range of equipment required including: a urodynamic system, motorized bikes with muscle stimulation, as well as inpatient beds.     


Research is at the heart of every health care advancement.

At. St. Joseph’s, we take a "bench to bedside" approach to medical research. This means taking discoveries from the laboratory and applying them in the clinic where they will directly benefit patients.

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