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Dr. Cindy Hutnik in a research lab

St. Joseph's Hospital provides specialized eye care at the renowned Ivey Eye Institute to people to help preserve or regain their eyesight from prevention and screening to surgery and treatment.

In addition to treatment, the Institute helps train the next generation of eye care specialists and conducts research and clinical trials to improve eye care right here at home and beyond.

Your donation will support those people living with eye diseases and disorders. 

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Equipment and technology

Medical equipment and technology are important components to providing care. 

They are essential in: 

  • diagnosing and treating disease;
  • guiding surgeons through complex procedures;
  • and supporting patients in their recovery from illness or injury. 

At the Ivey Eye Institute, this includes important diagnostic equipment that can create more capacity as well as surgical tools that enable faster procedures and reduce the amount of recovery time for patients.

Medical Research

Research is at the heart of every health care advancement.

At. St. Joseph’s, we take a "bench to bedside" approach to medical research. This means taking discoveries from the laboratory and applying them in the clinic where they will directly benefit patients.

At the Ivey Eye Institute, research includes exploring things such as how to prevent scarring following glaucoma surgery, health economics, and identifying therapy for eye disorders such as glaucoma, corneal scarring, diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration that are responsible for loss of sight.  

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