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physician gives patient treatment using medical equipment

St. Joseph’s provides specialized inpatient and community-based mental health care services for adults living with severe and persistent mental illness.

Your donation will support people living with a mental illness on their personal journeys beyond the limitations of illness and toward recovery.

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Patient care equipment and technology

Medical equipment and technology are important components to providing care. They are essential in: 

  • diagnosing and treating disease;
  • guiding surgeons through complex procedures;
  • supporting patients in their recovery from illness or injury.

For the mental health care programs, equipment can include inpatient needs including beds, mattresses and therapeutic gliders to more complex technology such as transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Medical Research

Research is at the heart of every health care advancement.

At. St. Joseph’s, we take a "bench to bedside" approach to medical research. This means taking discoveries from the laboratory and applying them in the clinic where they will directly benefit patients.

In mental health that research is being focused in a wide-range of areas including system transformation, addictions, youth and young adult needs, as well as suicide and late life mood disorders.

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    Dr. Arlene MacDougall