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St. Joseph’s Breast Care Program provides comprehensive care to hundreds of people every week. From mammograms and biopsies to surgery and follow-up, patients receive personalized care in one convenient location. This makes their journey more comfortable and efficient.

Your donation will support the women and men facing a challenging diagnosis of breast cancer by giving physicians and researchers the critical tools they need to offer the best possible care.

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Equipment and technology

Medical equipment and technology are important components to providing care. 

They are essential in: 

  • diagnosing and treating disease;
  • guiding surgeons through complex procedures;
  • supporting patients in their recovery from illness or injury. 

In breast care, equipment and technology ranges from blanket warmers, ultrasound and biopsy machines to some of the most advanced 3D contrast-enhanced mammography.

As technology advances in our day to day lives, so too does health care technology. It’s critical that St. Joseph’s maintains the latest equipment to provide the best possible care experience.  

You can make a direct impact on the lives of patients by supporting the ongoing need for new equipment and technology.

Surgical Fellowships

Surgical fellowships are training opportunities for emerging surgical leaders interested in further refining and advancing their skills. 

A breast surgical oncology fellow will spend 12 months gaining experience in areas such as imaging, oncology and surgery. They also have the opportunity to study areas such as pathology, clinical genetics, palliative and supportive care, melanoma and plastic surgery. 

Surgeons from outside Ontario who want to learn from St. Joseph’s surgical leaders must self-fund or find funding to support their training. And that’s where your support comes in. It is urgently needed to fund a fellowship in breast care that will improve surgical care for people in our community. 

Medical Research

Research is at the heart of every health care advancement.

At. St. Joseph’s, we take a "bench to bedside" approach to medical research. This means taking discoveries from the laboratory and applying them in the clinic where they will directly benefit patients.

Research in breast care focuses on many areas, including contrast enhanced mammography. This a new medical imaging technique that is already saving lives. Before a mammogram, a contrast iodine is injected into a patient's arm, which acts as a dye that lights up potential cancerous lesions on an image.

Other ongoing research projects include evaluating the treatment of low-risk breast cancer patients using a single dose of radiation and the use of probiotics in breast health. 

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