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surgeons performing surgery in the operating room

St. Joseph’s Roth | McFarlane Hand and Upper Limb Centre (HULC) is a one-stop orthopaedic care centre where people with acute and chronic problems affecting the hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders receive care.

As a centre of excellence, HULC is known for high-performance upper limb replacements, the use of augmented/virtual reality for better visualization of anatomical structures and the invention of novel surgical robotics.

Your donation will support the people needing care and treatment for their hand, wrists arms, and shoulders due to chronic issues such as arthritis or traumatic injury.

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Equipment and technology

Medical equipment and technology are important components to providing care. They are essential in: 

  • diagnosing and treating disease;
  • guiding surgeons through complex procedures;
  • supporting patients in their recovery from illness or injury. 

At HULC equipment needs range from simple hand therapy tools to advanced imaging equipment like the new C-Arm Fluroscopy Units that provide crisp, clear images that guide surgeons throughout a procedure.

Surgical Fellowships

Surgical fellowships are training opportunities for emerging surgical leaders who are interested in further refining and advancing their skills.

A surgical fellow in HULC will spend 12 months at St. Joseph’s gaining experience. They also have the opportunity to undertake multiple research projects that will advance patient care.

Surgeons from outside Ontario who want to learn from St. Joseph’s surgical leaders must self-fund or find funding to support their training experience. And that’s where your support comes in. It is urgently needed to fund a fellowship that will allow advanced surgical care for people in our community.

Medical Research

Research is at the heart of every health care advancement.

At. St. Joseph’s, we take a "bench to bedside" approach to medical research. This means taking discoveries from the laboratory and applying them in the clinic where they will directly benefit patients.

At HULC, medical research is pursued in a variety of areas including biomechanics, mechatronics and mixed reality technology to enhance surgical precision for shoulder replacement patients.