Diabetes Education Centre: Pump Classes Offered

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All classes require a referral from a primary care provider (family physician) to the Diabetes Education Centre.

See the referral form for the Diabetes Education Centre.

If you have questions regarding referrals, please phone the Diabetes Education Centre.

 Pump info class

If you are seriously considering an insulin pump, attend this class to learn about the various insulin pumps available, the minimum criteria and the Ministry of Health’s (Assistive Devices Program), and hear the experiences of an individual who wears an insulin pump.

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 Pre-pump class

The first of two classes to get you started once you have your insulin pump.
The pre pump class covers information about the different tubing and injector devices, what pump supplies to order, site selection and insulin doses for the pump, preparing a pump emergency kit, and the required blood glucose monitoring.  A review of hypoglycemia treatment, hyperglycemia protocol and DKA prevention is also covered.

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 Pump start class

At the end of this class, you will go home with your insulin pump programmed and inserted.  This class will teach you how to navigate through the various menu options in the pump and have you program your basal rates. You will prepare your pump for use and insert it with the injector device you select.  Key features of the pump including suspending your pump and running temporary basal rates will be discussed so you will have the information needed to go home safely.

Advanced features of the pump are covered in separate classes.

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 Pump management class

Get the most out of your pump by learning to use the advanced features including Bolus Wizard, temporary basals, patterns for weekends or sports, capture events, using the sensor and CareLink.

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Minimed 670G Continuous Glucose Monitoring System 

This class is for people planning to wear the Medtronic sensor and transition to auto mode. It will help you understand the difference between sensor glucose and meter glucose readings, learn how to insert the sensor, know when and how to calibrate and how to program your personalized sensor settings.

You will learn about how the automated basal feature works and what to expect when operating your pump in auto mode.

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