DocTalks Podcast

Ian Gillespie

Welcome to the DocTalks Podcast, a conversation on what’s new and relevant in the world of medicine and hospital health care in Canada. Join us for each episode, as our host, award winning journalist Ian Gillespie (pictured) interviews St. Joseph's Health Care London's physicians, patients and caregivers to dive deep into what it’s like to treat and live with some of today’s most common health challenges.

Our episodes focus on various health concerns from cancer and diabetes, to mental health care and dementia. We explore the latest research, discoveries and treatments with world renowned experts from St. Joseph’s. We want to help our listeners know how to prevent and detect illness and how to better navigate our health care system. Be sure to check here for our latest episodes or subscribe to the DocTalks Podcast. You can also follow us on Twitter @stjosephslondon.

The DocTalks Podcast is brought to you in partnership with St. Joseph's Health Care Foundation.