Consent and Capacity Issues & Older Adults: Who decides? What do the laws say?


Join Jane Meadus, Health Lawyer at the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly, and Dr. Carole Cohen, Geriatric Psychiatrist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre as they discuss consent and capacity issues for older adults and share strategies for complex clinical scenarios.

Date: Monday, November 7 Time: 9:30 – 11:30 am (EST)
Location: Virtually on Zoom

In this practical learning session for health care providers you can expect to:

  • Get a refresh on consent and capacity principles: what is capacity and what it is not, and who determines a person’s capacity in which situations.
  • Learn about key Ontario legislation as it relates to health care providers working with older adults who have cognitive impairment and mental illness.
  • Review case-based scenarios and learn practical clinical strategies to address capacity and consent.

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This webinar is presented by the Oxford South West Frail Senior Strategy Working Group in partnership with the Alzheimer Society Southwest Partners and St. Joseph’s Health Care London.

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