Back by 'Pap-ular' Demand: Pop-up Pap Test Clinic

Pop up pap drop-in clinic sign

In response to overwhelming demand, the Colposcopy Clinic at St. Joseph’s Hospital in London is holding a second Pop-up Pap Test Clinic – no appointment necessary. Women, transmasculine and non-binary people in the London region are invited to this unique drop-in clinic for easy access to cervical screening. Don’t miss this important cancer prevention opportunity.

Who is eligible:

Anyone with a cervix age 25 and older who has NOT had a pap test in the past three years. This can include women, transmasculine and non-binary people.

St. Joseph’s Colposcopy Clinic will follow up with anyone whose results are abnormal.

What is a pap test

A pap test, also called a pap smear, can catch early changes in cervical cells when they may be easier to treat and when treatment can prevent cervical cancer from developing. Most cervical cancers are found in people who have never been screened or who have been screened less often than recommended by Ontario’s cervical screening guidelines.

A pap test only takes a few minutes. It is an exam used to look for changes in cervical cells that may turn into cancer later. An instrument called a speculum is inserted into the vagina. The speculum holds the walls of the vagina apart so that the doctor or nurse can easily see the cervix. The doctor or nurse will then take samples of the cervical cells using a soft brush and a flat scraping device called a spatula. The sample cells are sent to a lab to be looked at under a microscope. There may be some discomfort or pressure during the procedure, but it is not usually painful.  After a pap smear, the individual can go about their day as usual, without any restrictions.

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Pop in for a Pap
Location & Details

What: Pop-up Pap Test Clinic

When: May 10, from 9am to 3pm. No appointment or referral necessary. Drop in.

Colposcopy Clinic, Zone B, Level 4, Room B4-507
St. Joseph’s Hospital
268 Grosvenor St., London, Ontario

Must be age 25 or older. Please bring your Ontario health card.

Please use Grosvenor Entrance 1 or 2. Parking is complimentary. Passes will be available in the clinic for exiting the Grosvenor Street parking garage. Find turn by turn directions or use this printable site map of St. Joseph's Hospital to learn how to access the clinic.

Support for Indigenous people: Rachel Sutherland, Indigenous Patient Navigator at the South West Regional Cancer Program, will be available at the Pop-up Pap Test Clinic to support any Indigenous patients with questions or concerns. She can also be contacted by telephone or text at 548 388-6455, or by email at

South West Regional Cancer Program

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