Laura Graham

Laura Graham

Laura Graham, MPT, PhD

Registered Physiotherapist

Laura works for both the Acquired Brain Injury Outpatient and NeuroTrauma Rehabilitation Programs, and has provided additional support for the Spinal Cord Injury Outpatient Program. She works collaboratively with clients, families, and our team of clinicians to ensure that individuals living with brain or spinal cord injury have the greatest chance to achieve their treatment goals. 

“One of the greatest lessons I learned early on is the importance of understanding your client within the context of their social and physical environment—who that person is outside of the hospital and their injury, whether that be a husband, mother, tri-athlete or factory worker. When developing a treatment plan, taking the time to integrate what you know about a person’s identity or interests can strongly influence their motivation to engage in therapy. This cannot be done successfully without the support of my team, the client, and the client’s family.”

Her enthusiasm and dedication to helping clients extends beyond her work as a clinician.  She continually strives to improve her own practice through peer mentorship and post-graduate education in Bobath methods, Locomotor gait retraining, manual and manipulative therapy, and acupuncture.  The unique skill she brings to our team is her experience as a clinical researcher and as a university lecturer.

“Being able to bring the latest research into practice is yet another way to ensure we are facilitating the best chance of success for our clients.”