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“As we often say, there are really only eight kinds of people affected by mental disorder.  It’s a very small list, but we all know someone on it: someone’s mother, daughter, sister or wife; someone’s father, brother, husband or son.”
~ Julia Nunes and Scott Simmie
Beyond Crazy, Journeys Through Mental Illness

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We Understand

Family Advisory Council understands that families are essential to maximizing the recovery of their ill family members and that the entire family is impacted by the illness of one's loved one.

We expect professional caregivers to treat each patient as they would want their own family members treated.

We always remind others that people with severe and persistent mental illness come from families just like theirs and mine.


The Family Advisory Council was created in the summer of 1997, with a purpose of assisting staff to clearly identify ways in which the delivery of care can be more sensitive and responsive to client and family needs.  

A group of social workers gathered the family members of patients at both Regional Mental Health Care locations and from there the family members organized a working executive leadership to define the council’s structure, membership, and goals. 

Mission Statement

Promote a cooperative, mutually supportive, and caring environment from which people with mental illness will benefit… a voice for all family members.



  • Honour our family members in sickness and in health
  • Appreciate the work of the staff
  • Welcome the contribution of all family members


  • Face each day with patience, integrity, and determination
  • Be creative and resourceful with our gifts, skills, and talents
  • Build on our past achievements
  • Work as a team


  • Listen and learn from others
  • Understand families’ needs, realities, expectations, and hopes
  • Give from the heart
  • Sustain the spirit


The goal of the Family Advisory Council is to have effective and on-going communication between family members and staff and to engage families as full partners in treatment, discharge planning and continuing care in the community. We advocate for the best quality of life, care and treatment for both in-patients and ambulatory care patients.

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