CBC Marketplace – Long Term Care home inspection report story

The care, safety and dignity of our residents is paramount at Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care.  Our staff and physicians are dedicated and caring individuals who are committed to the wellbeing of our residents.

As one measure of quality, the Ministry of Long-Term Care conducts inspections of long term care (LTC) homes and reports on any findings that are not in compliance with standards outlined for Long Term Care.  These findings are called Written Notifications. CBC Marketplace has reported the names of the 30 LTC Homes with the most Written Notifications from 2015-2019 combined.  Mount Hope is listed as one of the 30 Homes. 

Unfortunately, this method of reporting does not capture the significant improvement that has occurred over the past five years and the significant reduction in written notifications over this same time period.  The Chart below shows the improvement from 2016 to 2020. 

We recognize five years ago we did not perform at our best and we have been transparent about our challenges. We have implemented many strategies to enhance our care and services and we are proud of the substantial improvements made. In October 2019, St. Joseph’s Health Care London achieved the highest award possible from Accreditation Canada (Accreditation with Exemplary Standing) with Mount Hope meeting all the required Accreditation standards and required organizational practices for Long Term Care.

In partnership with our Resident and Family Councils and our dedicating and caring staff, we are committed to continual improvement based on feedback from our residents and families. We are grateful for the ongoing support of our staff, residents, families and our community.

chart of written notifications



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