Historic $7.5 million donation to launch new clinical research centre in mobility and activity at St. Joseph’s

London, Ontario – Local couple Bill and Lynne Gray have made a historic $7.5 million investment in healthcare that will open a new clinical/research area at St. Joseph’s Parkwood Institute, and fuel significant discovery work in an area of growing medical concern nationally. The Gray Centre for Mobility & Activity aims to promote people’s capacity to remain mobile throughout their lives, and live in good health. The donation, which was announced on stage during St. Joseph’s Tribute Dinner, is the largest gift ever received by St. Joseph’s Health Care London, and one of the largest gifts to healthcare ever made in the community.

“Transformational change happens when people in our community step forward to make it possible,” says Michelle Campbell, President and CEO, St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation. “This remarkable donation will enable Parkwood Institute to become a leading organization for rehabilitative care in the country, and it would not have happened without the philanthropic leadership and vision of Bill and Lynne Gray.”

Mobility is a precious gift that can be taken away in an instant through trauma, or slowly slip away with illness and/or age. Loss of mobility can seriously harm a person’s quality of life, lead to social isolation and create additional medical issues. As Canada’s demographics change, mobility challenges will become even more prevalent.

“Parkwood Institute is ideally suited to lead the establishment of the Gray Centre for Mobility & Activity,” says Dr. Tim Doherty, Chair/Chief of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at St. Joseph’s. “The Centre will enable researchers, clinicians and community partners to share knowledge and test new solutions to the problems of mobility and activity across multiple patient populations.”

The new Centre aims to help patients with musculoskeletal and neurological diseases, frail seniors as well as those with mental illness for whom mobility is challenged. The Centre will be equipped with the latest health care equipment and technologies to help people maintain a level of activity that promotes and sustains independence.

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