Shannon McGuire

Shannon McGuire

Shannon McGuire, BHSc(PT)

Registered Physiotherapist

Shannon has been working as a physiotherapist since 1996 and has spent much of her career working in rehabilitation with clients with neurological injuries including acquired brain injury and spinal cord injury.  She is known for her ability to motivate clients to work hard to maximize their recovery.  She believes that clients need to be actively involved in the rehabilitation process in order to improve. She provides education, individualized treatment sessions, and home programs in order to help patients to achieve their goals.   

“I enjoy working with patients with neurological deficits, because it is challenging and rewarding.  You have to be creative, flexible and knowledgeable in order to understand why a client is having difficulty with movement and then identify key problems and devise treatment strategies to improve their function and quality of life. I try to educate clients on the importance of using their entire day as a therapeutic opportunity.  If I can teach them how to sit, transfer, stand or walk in ways that will help their nervous system recover and they follow through with those suggestions at home, I am often impressed by how much improvement I see between therapy sessions.“

Shannon’s interest in recovery of walking led her to initiate bringing the Locomotor Training Program to NeuroTrauma Rehab. “Parkwood has invested in the Body Weight Supported Treadmill (BWST) equipment and that allows us as physiotherapists to get clients up on their feet sooner and walking in a more normal fashion that will contribute to their recovery.    Clients are able to walk longer, faster and with a better pattern on the treadmill with the assistance of our trained staff.  This will translate into better functional outcomes for our clients with brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.”