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Duncan family photo taken
Brad Duncan (left) and his family. Brad is a grateful patient and monthly donor.

Do More Than You Ever Thought Possible

Every day hundreds of people receive care at St. Joseph’s. A young mother worried about a lump found in her breast. A family seeking support for their loved one with dementia. A grandfather (featured above) needing treatment for prostate cancer.

By becoming a monthly donor, you are helping people like these with your ongoing support of the equipment and tools our staff, physicians and researchers need to provide the very best care.

Why Give Monthly

We all know how quickly health care needs can change. By giving monthly you enable the talented care teams across St. Joseph’s to nimbly and quickly respond to patient needs as they arise. And each donor-funded initiative is critical to providing patients with the in-depth examinations, diagnoses and treatments they require. The need for items and specialty equipment through the Spirit of St. Joseph’s fund is persistent and unwavering – and by giving monthly, you can support the most urgent needs of St. Joseph’s.  

Even a small monthly gift can grow into a significant amount that will do more than you ever thought possible.

How it Works

By becoming a monthly donor, you enable St. Joseph’s to deliver on its mission of care meeting the highest priority needs of patient and resident needs.

One easy step – ongoing impact!  Automatic withdrawals can be made from your bank account or credit card each month. At the end of the year, you will learn about the impact of your support and receive your annual charitable donation receipt for your total giving.

Our Promise to You

Monthly donors are an essential part of the care at St. Joseph’s. We are committed to ethical fundraising practices and the highest standards of financial accountability when it comes to our work and our relationship with you.

As a monthly donor, you become a key community partner in the delivery of care. This means you’ll receive special insider reports and invitations to learn more about the work of St. Joseph’s and the impact of your giving. 

"So many of us are only alive and healthy today because we received care that wouldn’t have been possible were it not for donor support. I hope you’ll join me and multiply the good we can do by becoming a monthly donor to St. Joseph’s.”

Brad Duncan
Grateful patient and monthly donor

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