Medically Complex Patients

What type of patients are cared for in Complex Care?

Complex Care provides care for adults with ongoing complex care needs that cannot be met in the community or in a long-term care facility. 

Short-term complex medical patients

Short term complex medical patients are those who are:

  • Not eligible for admission to long-term care at this time
  • Medically stable with a complex illness or disability which requires skilled, technology based care not available at home or in long-term care

It’s anticipated as the patient’s medical condition improves, they will be able to engage in limited rehabilitative activities during their stay in Complex Care to avoid further loss of function and increase activity tolerance.

Another goal is to enable a safe transition for patients to the next level of rehabilitative care, home or an alternative level of care environment. 

Anticipated length of stay: Up to 3 months

Long-term complex medical patients

Long-term complex medical patients are provided medically complex and specialized services over an extended period of time to maintain, slow the rate of, or avoid further loss of function.  

The patient should be medically stable with a long-term illness or disability requiring ongoing assessment and active care management by a specialized interprofessional team.

The patient’s care needs cannot be met on an ongoing basis in long-term care or other community setting resulting in the patient requiring residential care in hospital.