Driving Assessment Programs at Parkwood lnstitute

In October of 1997, St. Joseph's Health Care London received approval from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to become a Driving Assessment and Training Centre. Additionally, the hospital is a member of the Association of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (ADED) and the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) and has representation at the annual conference for these organizations.

rear of car used in Driving Assessment Program

The centre serves any individual whose driving ability may be impaired as a result of a serious injury or change in medical status. We are a fee for service program, providing the following:

  • A thorough occupational therapy, clinical driving assessment
  • One-on-one driving lessons for new drivers with physical and/or learning disabilities. In partnership with an Approved Functional Assessment Centre for Beginner Driver Education, this can be done as a part of the new driver certificate program.
  • One of 13 driving assessment centers recognized by the MTO to complete Vision Waiver Assessments
  • An on-road driving assessment with a certified driving instructor and an occupational therapist, as prescribed by the Ministry of Transportation
  • Debriefing/recommendation session
  • Documentation to the referral source
  • Clinical and on-road services to assist with anxiety and post-traumatic stress issues related to driving.

Program philosophy

"Driving is the most complex activity of daily living we do." (ADED)

Driving is a privilege. It is a very important part of everyday life for most people and is often a necessity for accessing work, school, social activities, and community responsibilities. Driving allows an individual independence and freedom. The complexity of driving often becomes greatly compounded following a serious injury and/or change in medical condition.

Therefore, in promoting the overall safety of our community, it is critical that driving be thoroughly evaluated for these individuals

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