Family Medical and Dental Centre - Contact Details


Family Medical and Dental Centre

346 Platt’s Lane
London, ON N6G 1J1

Phone numbers:

Family Medical: 519 672-9660

Dental Clinic: 519 646-6022

Primary Care Diabetes Support Program 519 646-6000 ext. 67268

Fax numbers:

Family Medical: 519 672-7727

Dental Clinic: 519 432-6527

Primary Care Diabetes Support Program: 519 645-6961

Family Medical After Hours Clinic

The Family Medical Centre offers evening clinic hours to the centre's patients on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5 pm to 8 pm. No appointment necessary. The centre is also open on certain Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm. Please call the clinic to inquire further. Please call to book an appointment. Don't forget to bring your health card. Provide 24-hours notice for cancellations.


Paid parking is available, review a map of parking spaces at St. Joseph's Family Medical and Dental Centre.

Parking rates

A park-and-display machine is located in the parking area at the front of the building, which allows for 2 to 10- hour time periods at a rate of $2 for each 2 hour period as follows:

  • $2 minimum for 2 hours
  • $4 for 4 hours
  • $6 for 6 hours
  • $8 for 10 hours

NOTE: The machine takes coins only. A change machine is located in the waiting room inside the building. Visitors must display their parking receipt on the dash of their vehicle as proof of payment to avoid receiving a ticket. 

To ensure our patients, visitors, staff and physicians have adequate parking Standard Parking (SP+), our parking management company, is enforcing parking regulations across all of St. Joseph’s sites. This is in an effort to address the ongoing complaints regarding cars taking up more than one spot. All users of our parking facilities are asked to pay attention to parking regulations and how you park your vehicle. Vehicles taking up more than one spot will now be ticketed by SP+. As well, those who park for more than 10 minutes in patient drop-off designated areas, in handicapped parking without a permit, at loading docks, and other restricted areas will also find their vehicles being ticketed.

Fines range from $30 to $60 depending on the type of infraction.

Your respect those using our parking lots is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions please contact SP+ by phoning 519 646-6100 ext. 65113 or email @email.

Public transport to St. Joseph's Family Medical and Dental Centre

Contact the London Transit Commission at 519 451-1347 for rates or see their trip planner and route schedules online. The following London Transit bus routes serve St. Joseph's Family Medical and Dental Centre, and drop riders off near the main entrance:

  • 9 Whitehills
  • 33 Proudfoot