One-Stop Pituitary Clinic - Care Team

Interdisciplinary Pituitary Group

London’s Interdisciplinary Pituitary Group is a unique Canadian team that provides collaborative clinical care across multiple medical and surgical disciplines for those with disorders of the pituitary gland. They are based at St. Joseph’s Health Care London and London Health Sciences Centre.

The group manages one of Canada’s largest volumes of patients suffering from pituitary disorders. Uniquely, a monthly meeting of the Interdisciplinary Pituitary Group provides a forum for patient-centered discussion among all involved medical and surgical disciplines. Patient assessments and management algorithms are individualized on a patient-per-patient basis to determine the best treatment plan.

Members of the team include:

  • Dr. Stan Van Uum, endocrinologist
  • Dr. Neil Duggal, neurosurgeon
  • Dr. Brian Rotenberg, head and neck surgeon
  • Dr. Leigh Sowerby, head and neck surgeon
  • Dr. Lulu Bursztyn, neuro-ophthalmologist
  • Dr. Alex Fraser, neuro-ophthalmologist
  • Dr. Donald Lee, neuro-radiologist
  • Dr. Paul Cooper, neurologist