Pre-Surgical Screening Unit - What To Expect

To help prepare you for surgery, the pre-surgical screening unit nursing staff will:

  • Complete a nursing history that includes your past and current medical history, medications, vitamins, and herbals that you are currently taking
  • Provide instructions on which of your medications to take or stop for surgery
  • Assess the need for bloodwork 
  • Provide education for before and after surgery, including exercises to help prevent pneumonia and blood clot formation in the legs
  • Arrange for completion of medicine or anesthesia consults if required
  • Answer your questions

If your appointment was by phone or video, you will be emailed the following after the appointment:

  • Your specific medication instructions as well as other information discussed during the appointment
  • Your specific discharge instructions
  • Reminders for the day of surgery

For a comprehensive guide to your actual surgery, please review A Guide to Surgery at St. Joseph's Hospital